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In light of the membership rollover from the old IGAEA website to the new GCEA website, those with existing profiles on IGAEA.org receievd an email on or around July 5, 2015 from Spindletop with information on creating a new login and password at GCEAonline.org. Please click on the link provided in the e-mail, use the user name and password in the e-mail, and follow the instructions on the linked page to update your profile.

The website transition is nearly complete!
IGAEA.org will redirect to GCEAonline.org when the transition is complete.

Archive News

The archive collection of the GCEA is housed at Illinois State University.
This year, they were catalogued and organized by ISU student Maggie McGuire and ISU Special Collection Archivist Eric Willey.
To view the "finding aid" they created for our collection, visit:
and see what is in the IGAEA/GCEA archive catalogue.

GCEA was at Graph Expo 2014

We had booth # 5045 on Education Main Street for the 2014 Graph Expo,
September 28–October 1, 2014 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Free Registration for the GraphExpo show floor was available to GCEA members
with up-to-date e-mails addresses on file with 2nd VP Lexa Browning-Needham.

IGAEA Name Change to GCEA

Phase 4 of the name change process is almost done!

Process and timeline for the name change process.
The Name Change Committee is conducting the following four phase process:

Phase 1: Determine whether exploring a name change has the backing of the membership.
This phase was completed at the Annual Conference at Clemson in July, 2012.

Phase 2Choose a new name democratically.
This phase will be carried out in Rounds during February and March of 2013.

Round 1 - Completed February 4–14, 2013. We solicited name ideas with rationales.

Round 2 -  Completed February 18–March 1, 2013. Members received an e-mail with a link where they rated a compiled list of names from Round 1 with the accompanying rationales, and added comments if they wished. This resulted in a list of the 10 most popular suggested names.

Round 3 - Completed March 4–15, 2013. Members received an e-mail with a link where they:
1) rated the top ten names from Round 2 with their accompanying rationales; and
2) added comments, if they wished.

Round 4 - Completed March 19–29, 2013. Members received an e-mail with a link where they ranked the top three names (with their accompanying rationales) that were determined in Round 3, and they added comments if they wished. In order to assure the most favorable/least objectionable name was selected from the final three top rated names, the name change committee asked for a "ranking" rather than a "rating." Known as "Instant Runoff Voting," this ranking system assures a single name is selected that has the most support from survey participants.

Here are links to documents from the Name Change Task Force that were produced during Phase 2:

Ranking Tabulation from Phase 2, Round 4
Comments for adopting Graphic Communications Education Association
Comments for retaining International Graphic Arts Education Association
Comments from the "Final Comments" Section

Any member in good standing who wanted to participate in selecting a potential new name was required to have an e-mail address to receive the survey links, so they were reminded to update their IGAEA web site profile.

Phase 3: Vote on changing the organizational name to the choice detemined in Phase 2 or keeping our current name.
This voting occurred in June 2013, at the same time as the election of next year's officers.

The vote was to: 
1) keep the existing IGAEA name or 
2) adopt the top rated potential new name of: Graphic Communicatuions Education Association

With a supermajority of the votes cast, the IGAEA membership voted to adopt the new name of
the Graphic Communications Education Association.

Phase 4: Implementation
Implementation of the new name will be carried out in 2013 through 2014. This will include transitioning to our new identity with our name change to Graphic Communications Education Association, DBA (Doing Business As) paperwork, branding activities, a new logo, web site, etc. You can still reach us at igaea.org and also at GCEAonline.org. For now, both URLs will direct you to the same site.

Click the adjacent link to download a PDF of the details of the name change process.
The_IGAEA_Name_Change_Initiative.Version3a.pdf 66.01 Kb

Please view the discussion forum named "IGAEA Name Change" to be part of the discussion.
Click here to view the forum

Note: you must be logged in to participate in the forum. If you don't have an account, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

2014 Annual Conference

The 2014 Annual Conference kicks off today! Join us with


New Information for the 2014 Conference

The 2014 IGAEA Annual Conference website is up and running at: http://envisiongraphicsohio.com. You can also stay up to date with conference information through the conference's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/envisiongraphicsohio2014.
Check out the latest speaker and presentation list here.
Early Bird Registration ends June 20th.
Call for presentations
The 2014 IGAEA Annual conference is looking for volunteers to present workshops in the following categories: Publishing, Sustainability, Video, & Social Networking. Please send your proposal to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (LDamberger@ncstatecollege.edu) and include topic, length of time (1-2 hrs), technology needed and a brief description of your presentation.

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